Today I wanted to write about the best blogs in oncology. I have rated them according to the information they share, their update, and the number of posts. I have also taken into account that some were aimed at doctors, others at patients…

And, why oncology? All advances and progress in cancer research are being reflected in the launch of new drugs in the coming years.

According to information gathered at Pharmatalents (a social network of the health Sector) that collects data from the Spanish Association of Bio-Enterprises (Asebio), 50% of the R & D products of its multinational companies belong to the oncology field, well ahead of the next significant therapeutic area, which represents only 15%.

The number of approvals in the 2013/14 period was 34 and is expected to double in the next biennium to 73 approvals.

According to Pharmatalents report “Oncology Sales Tracker” they are:

Global sales of cancer drugs exceeded 80 billion in 2015, an increase of 15% over the previous year. Growth in the first quarter of 2016 was 18%

And, why this post about? Because they are a great dissemination tool in which multichannel managers are interested in both continuing to be aware of what is spoken on the network and trying to collaborate with them so that you can talk about your research, drugs…, get to know the people who write it.


I have selected the blogs bearing in mind different stakeholders they are addressed to like patients, caregivers, doctors …

1. Carpe Diem 

It started in 2010 and was one of the pioneering blogs in health 2.0. Written by Teresa Muñoz Migueláñez (@MsConcu), it focuses on Radiotherapy Oncology.

The blog starts during her first years of residency and continues during her years as a doctor in which she shares her personal experiences, clinical, and “MIR” cases. She also talks about patients and their reactions to cancer and radiotherapy sessions.

Overall, the blog is a very personal version of a great social communicator.

It was started in 2007 by Martín Lázaro Quintel (@mlazqui), a specialist in Medical Oncology.
It focuses on novelties emerging from a medical point of view. Through the comments of published articles on the main studies, he uncovers his opinions and summaries about them.

3. A Ray of Hope, Blog of a radiologist

It was created in 2012 by Virginia Rui (@roentgen66) specialist in Radiotherapy Oncology.

Its main aim is to disseminate radiotherapy radiology. It offers medical information, health tips, along with personal thoughts and opinions.

The blog combines information geared towards patients as well as doctors but always to make the posts understandable to all.

4. Oncology residents in Valld’Hebron

This blog started in 2013 and is run by resident doctors along with their tutors. In it, we mainly find information about the hospital, residence, “MIR” examination, training, research, and new drugs.

It is especially aimed at doctors who are in training or are going to start with it.

And… Oncology for pacients

5. Psychooncology for pacients

Ariadna González (@psicooncologa) started this blog in 2012. Even though she is the main author, she counts on the collaborations of other specialists in oncology (Psychooncology, Medical Oncology, Radiooncology, oncological physiotherapy, oncological nursing, Gynecooncology, etc.)

This is a professional blog focused on cancer patients in which they are intended to be supported.

The articles are grouped into 5 categories:

Would you advise us on another blog? what do you like about it?.