As you read, the title of this entree is ¿Why this Postcast?: Healthcare Digital Marketing War Room By Raúl Rojo but before answering the question I wanted to let you know that this Podcast I am about to share with you is about Digital Marketing Strategy within the Pharmaceutical sector. In fact, and if you prefer,  you can call it Multichannel Strategy and Customer Engagement.

War Room is a reminder; is a reminder that we are dealing with tons of information out there, but that also, and this is important, we can still interact through new channels with the same customers. Therefore, is very significant the way we transmit our message every day. It has to be in the most impactful way.

As a result of dealing with all this and finding ways to handle it, I thought… Why not this Podcast? This is how I found my base-ground to start it. Trying to give you strategies, so you can deal with our same costumers in a war room of information and with the right and powerful message.

Why this Podcast

Who is Raúl Rojo? Why this Podcast?

War Room for Digital Marketeers is develop by me, Raúl Rojo.

I’m from Madrid, 44 years old guy, working for 20 years now in the Digital World, always in the  Health Sector. In fact, in the Pharmaceutical Sector.

I have fought in many interesting «battles» on how to:

  • Build your Professional Website
  • Global Strategic Plan for different brands from different units
  • Social Media within the Healthcare sector
  • How to unify Digital Marketing Strategies from different units
  • And more…

Let me tell you, that after some tough work, everything went fine and ended successfully and with a lot of new knowledge.

Why this podcast?

Thanks to the battles I have fought,  I think a needed to express what I had learn and what I am learning. In fact, because we are still learning and I believe in the power of words and communication by voice, ¿Why not to try new things? ¿Why not to try a tool that give us the power of expression and listening in any place, at any time and when ever we what?…

I do not want to finish this post without render thanks to my Coach Fernando Álvarez for inspiring me and pushing out my limits. Thanks to him this blog and podcast and blog are live now.

Hope you can share with me, listen and feel free to comment in War Room Post Cast O and the ones that are coming.

Here I leave you the link so you can listen the complete Post-cast.