Healthbot…. Another fashionable word that seems that if you don’t mention it or don’t know it, you’re no longer in the digital age.

Basically, Healthbot is the health version of Chatbot … These are Artificial Intelligence-based software that can understand your spoken commands and respond with an act without needing the help of human beings.

In the business world, they are beginning to be used to perform customer service from hiring an insurance to ordering food, finance assessment For example, the Taco Bell Company has already incorporated its Chatbot called “Slack”.

They can book a table for you in a restaurant, add a date to your calendar… But, what is behind it is much more important.

From the point of view of health, a Healthbot can help, as Alicia Moder points out in her post Chatbots or Healthbots: the future of digital communication, to clarify doubts regarding a diagnosis, information about a treatment…

There are already several posts on this subject from Healthbots and Chatbots that speak about its virtues.

But the underlying theme behind all these advances is ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ITS CONSEQUENCES.


Robots, wether we like it or not, have come to stay and the immediate consequence of it will be the LOSS OF JOBS.

There are two types of jobs that will disappear from a 5 to 10 year period of time:

  • The telephone posts (and why not the physical ones) of customer service, where the majority of incidents or complaints will be solved with chatbots.
  • The positions of transport services such as taxi drivers, drivers, truckers, and even plane pilots !!.

But there are many other sectors where the middle management will be affected.

Here is a list of the probabilities that a wide amount of professions have of disappearing.

Here is the question that the MEDICAL SECTOR is asking to itself… will doctors disappear?

As we have seen on the previous website, the probability that this profession will disappear is only 2%, and it has its logic because although the entire Artificial Intelligence system can help in terms of diagnostic aid, treatment information… the doctor is the only one who can lead all this.

In other words, jobs such as the doctor’s or mine (multi-channel consultant).. can’t disappear… HA HA HA!

As I read this, I see a negationist component and looking down on your rival is the beginning of defeat, so … Come on, I will risk it!!

I say that the impact of Artificial Intelligence will be very important and will lead to the loss of many jobs within the HEALTH SECTOR, covering a wide range of medical professions.

We must not forget that the National Health System accounts for 15% of state spending, and in times of crisis it is always affected..

So as a consequence of the use of Artificial Intelligence, for example, the number of doctors destined to attend patients will decrease. Most consultations will be made through the Healthbot and medical personnel will be left to confirm the prescribed procedure and / or:

  • Follow the case for an in-depth study.
  • Request new evidence …
  • Do the emergency procedures

And its use will be increased not only in those developed countries with powerful implanted health systems but also in developing countries or countries in developing in which the shortage of health personnel is a fact.

And you, what do you think of the impact of the Healthbots …?