In the last years 2020 and 2021 have brought us many Changes after Covid in so many aspects of our our lives. Regarding Healthcare Digital Marketing, we have being affected by them and so many barriers have been demolished.

Let’s think of some of old barriers from some time ago that now seem akward. 

How many times we have heard  phrases like «this is not going to happen….» or «people are not going to accept that«…. Being more specific, do you remember phrases like:

In the office maybe you have hear phrases like:

  • «We can not let reps do virtual connection»
  • «We cannot program this website, RTE, iDetailing in a faster way»

You listen to all this phases and you start think ¿How can I convince them the opposite way? Suddenly and in a very fast way Covid 19 change everything, thanks to it, most of these obstacles have been teared apart.

Now that everything has change also the questioning that we think. Now we want to take advantage of all this new ways but also the barriers that are coming as result of this. Is none stop cycle.

In this Episode 1 of War Room we are going to be talking about the way we have to deal with the digital areas and artificial intelligences and how to use it in our practice, with are clients in a way were are Reps work in line with new technology.

All the information in WAR ROOM EPISODE 1: CHANGES AFTER COVID 19.