Today I want to give you some advice on how to develop a multichannel strategy: Where do we start? What do I prioritize? How much is it going to cost me? All these things haunt our heads and sometimes we start from a blank page (just like this post), which will be the first in a series of them on this topic … anyway…

You might be in a process where to choose a multichannel or a  omnicanalidad strategy (see @AliciaModer’s article) in any case the first step will be to design the multichannel strategy.

There are 5 essential steps to choose a multi-channel strategy:

1. Choice of channels

2. Characterization

3. Choice

4. Pilot tests

5. Channel exploitation and feedback


1. Choice of channels:

We start with the easy one … Make a list with the channels you can think of … The first things that will come to mind are webs, mobile applications, social networks … But when you see that you are stagnant and that you think it is the same as always look for other references such as, what do they do in other sectors? What does your specialized provider recommend …? This way you will get other channels such as e-detailing, continuous training…

In this way, the blank page begins to have content and notes that your mind begins to work.

2. Characterization:

Now we start to get our hands dirty… Select the attributes by which you would rate these channels … Maturity, Interactivity, Personalization, Cost … and build a matrix with the attributes in columns and the different channels in rows.

We give a value to each cell between 0 = Low and 5 = Very High

Maturity Interactivity
Web 5 4 5
Social Media 4 5 5
Cogresses/Symposium 5 3 3

Your multi-channel strategy in the Healthcare sector is beginning to take shape…

3. Choice of channels

This will allow us to choose the channels based on:

– Marketing Goals.

– Customer segmentation.

– Product life cycle.

4/5. Pilot Experiences / Exploitation of the channels and feedback:

Now we only have to test, measure, and review, so it is very important to establish a series of indicators:

  • Establishing quantitative indicators or KPIs that allow us to have specific reference values. For example, the number of visits, average time spent on the web.
  • Doing qualitative analysis through in-depth interviews or focus groups.

This will enable us to confirm the attributes of the channel concerning our assumption and to give meaning to your multichannel strategy in the Healthcare sector … And what is more important, to assess the mix of channels for the results obtained.

Was it useful for you? How would you design in this first phase?